How To Tell If Your Dog Respects You

It is a great joy to have your own pet. They are great companions and stress-relievers. But of course, having one means having responsibility. This is especially for a dog. You would want to have a well-trained dog. It is not just about that though, but you will also need to have your dog’s trust and respect. It is not only about being the boss but also them giving their utmost loyalty and friendship.

The question is how would you know?

1. Behavior

It is all about how they behave around you, and there are many signs of it. The first will be when you are taking a walk. They should be not the one who is leading but you. What they do is that they walk either beside or behind you. That is the same upon entering doors. They will make sure to let you in first. Another is sitting. They will make sure that you will get to choose or leave your space. Then when it comes to food, they will make sure that you are the one who will give and will not be stealing.

2. Body Language

It is also shown through their bodies. The most obvious one would be when you came home, and they will meet you happy with that wagging tail. They also feel relaxed and calm when they are around you. Another is not giving eye contact when they did something wrong or being scolded. 

How do they respect you?

Now you know about the physical signs. But how would they start and also there are given reasons for that, and here they are:


It is not just because you are their owner. It could be anybody else, but the main reason would be to trust. If they do not trust you, they would be either scared of you or very defensive which would lead to aggressive behavior. For that matter, you will have to first establish some trust, and that is by doing your responsibility like feeding them and making friends with them. You should also always assure them by being calm around them and also teaching and training them what is right.


Of course, for them to respect you, you will have to show them respect first. How will that be? As mentioned before, you will have to do your responsibility. You will also have to train them. Keep in mind that you should be their leader and not the way around, so you are still the one who makes the rules and boundaries around your home. In giving them treats, make sure that you are giving it to them as a reward or else it might stick to their minds that they can have it all the time which makes them the boss. But as mentioned earlier, you need to show that you care and are calm. That way, they will be loyal to you and will be the greatest companion that you will ever have.