Should You Play Music For Your Dog?

For humans, music helps us a lot. It makes us relaxed. It makes us focused. At times, it takes us far and distract us. In some ways, our pets also do that for us. They help us forget some things even just for a while. But can they be mixed together?

How about the music? Does it have the same effect on them? Does it also help them like us? Keep in mind that a dog’s hearing is different from a human’s. A dog’s hearing is more enhanced which means it has a wider range and also more sensitive. It is the reason why they can easily hear small sounds around. It is also the reason why they are not good around fireworks for it is too loud for them. For that matter, how can music affect them? Well, theoretically, any kind of noise must sound the same for them, but that does not mean it will not affect them. They use sounds like a warning, so they certainly acknowledge it. 

As for music, it will definitely depend upon the style and even genre. Like for us humans, music can also relax them, but you will have to choose the right one. It is said that the best music for them would be the classical ones. The sound calms and soothes them because it is easygoing and soft. Loud music with bass might have the opposite effect on them and might also cause them distress. This is especially for puppies. It will also depend on their training and breed like for instance, bigger dogs might actually be fine with music that has heavier bass though still depends upon the dog itself.

Aside from relaxation, dogs can also have music as a company just like for humans. Because of that, many dog owners would leave the radio or even television for them. This way, they will be less lonely because of the noise. It will also provide some distraction for them that they will be less stressed because it will cloak some of the sounds outside. The sounds will also make them less lonely and ease boredom. It entertains them in a way.

So, to conclude, it is fine to play music for your dogs. It is even beneficial. And if you are planning to do that, here are things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose music wisely. As mentioned above, it is said that classical is the best but still depends on your dog. So make sure that the one you choose will not stress them out.
  2. Once you know their preference, you can make a playlist for them whether when you leave the house or just to make them relax.
  3. Enjoy the music with them. Whether or not it is your own preference or theirs, you may as time passes and will be a great way to bond with your dog.
  4. If it is not really for your dog, do not force it and find other ways that will make them relaxed and entertain. Remember that your dog respects you, and you need to do it in return.